Recreational Property in Utah

Aspen Cove at Scofield Homeowner’s Association

All lots at Aspen Cove at Scofield are part of the Aspen Cove at Scofield Homeowner’s Association. These Utah Cabin Lots are governed by 22 pages of “Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions” (C.C. & R’s). They are protective, but not overly restrictive for Utah mountain lots. The minimum living space on the main floor is 1000 square feet. All building plans are reviewed and approved by an Architectural Review Committee. Please see complete C.C. & R’s for details. To download a copy of the Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (C.C. & R’s.), click here and send us your contact information.


Homeowner’s Dues are $480 per year and include the following:

  • One annual State Park pass per lot. (Gives use and access to State Park Boat Launch.)
  • Maintains road base roads year-round. (Grades roads during the summer and plows snow during the winter — roads are still snow packed, so winter access is 4-wheel drive only.)
  • Owns and maintains the water system. (Dues include your water delivery.)
  • Maintains electronic-gated entrance and common area facilities. (Keeps amenities in good condition and in working order.)
  • Buys related insurance(s). (Protects homeowner’s and amenities.)
  • Maintains landscaped areas. (Keeps entrance and other areas looking nice.)
  • Management and miscellaneous expenses including supplies, postage, taxes, dues, and utilities. (Ensures lot owners interests are looked after, bills are paid, and owners are notified about what’s happening.)
  • Yearly projects as approved by the Board of Directors and/or lot owners. (Projects above and beyond the usual year to year items that enhance property values and the general enjoyment of Aspen Cove.)


*Disclaimer: Developer is not responsible for any actions of the Homeowner’s Association. The above information is for convenience only. Please see C.C. & R’s and/or Homeowner’s Board of Directors for specific information.  Click here to go to the Homeowner’s Association web site.